A photo of school classroom chalk with the WordPress Logo

Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Online School

There are a number of features which differentiate WordPress from the other systems of remote learning available in the market. The main features of WordPress, as opposed to other learning management systems, include:


It's easy to get WordPress and, if one doesn't have the expertise or technical know-how, it is also easy to set up online schools with it. The only prerequisite for a school to be based on WordPress is that the student needs to upload the content into the system. The rest of the WordPress process takes care of itself. Even the child needs to be tech-savvy enough to understand the process.


But there are even more advantages of using WordPress over the other learning management systems such as Resume, Tutor Portal, etc. Let us have a look at a few of them.


To begin with, it is an off-line system, not an online system. This means that you can use it anywhere and everywhere. While using the online system of other online schools can leave you isolated in your local area, the WordPress one can take you anywhere. That is why many schools today are adopting the WordPress approach and using it in their offline programs as well. The virtual classroom format available through the online WordPress system is a great way to keep the students in touch with the teachers, too.


WordPress is a fast, scalable and flexible learning management system. This is because it has built-in features that allow the users to move the various modules from one page to another. If a new module becomes available, it is automatically installed, and updates can be performed as needed. This helps keep the system running smoothly.


WordPress comes with a community of bloggers, allowing the administrators to suggest content and make updates on the blogging platform. Thus, this feature makes the system even more adaptable to real life and to high school students.

Customized Remote Learning Mobile Apps

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Aside from this, the WordPress platform can be used as a learning management system. The system can be customized to accommodate specific content on different educational programs. This flexibility can be very helpful for the school management.


WordPress is very well-suited for the learning management system because it is user-friendly and flexible. The WordPress platform has its own language, called "HTML," which is translated into the native language of the web page. Thus, the HTML language is also used for creating the content.


This gives the school administrators of online schools, especially those who have been doing this for years, the ability to ensure that they create exactly what the students need. The same thing goes for online bloggers. They are given the freedom to make modifications to the content of the websites, so they can continually come up with fresh content.


WordPress is a completely open source platform, so anyone can access it and therefore use it as a learning management system. It is relatively easy to integrate with online courses. This means that the system can incorporate the other tools and features from other educational centers without having to rely on the other administrators.


The other great thing about WordPress as a learning management system is that it is search engine friendly. Since it's free, this makes it very attractive to the parents who don't want to spend a lot of money on the online schools, but would still like to ensure that their children will be able to learn the material.


WordPress is definitely the preferred choice for the remote learning system. It is suitable for both the online and offline programs, and its flexibility makes it a perfect fit for both adult and children learning programs.