No More Vendor Lock-in

Because WordPress is open-source software, your district will no longer be locked-in to a vendor’s technology. We will help you migrate to WordPress and if you decide to leave SchoolPress, we’ll help you migrate away.

Migration Services

Stuck on a proprietary software platform? Has your vendor not kept up-to-date with modern web site design and technologies? We’ll help you migrate your sites and content from them to WordPress.


There’s a reason that WordPress powers 25% of all web sites on the Internet. It’s world-famous ease-of-use for content management makes it a very popular solution for keeping web sites up-to-date, fresh and relevant.

Saving Money

We can guarantee a 50% reduction in annual cost by migrating to WordPress. Reach out to us and let us know exactly how much you’re paying for a proprietary vendor and we’ll provide our services for half that price. Guaranteed.


Beautiful, Modern Web Design

Not only is our technology state-of-the-art and modern, so is our web design. We offer a full range of services to all sizes of districts. Smaller and medium-sized districts can take advantage of our pre-designed themes and templates which result in dramatic cost-savings that don’t break the budget. Larger districts that need more custom design solutions can work with us to get a 100%-unique design that completely meets your needs.

All of our themes and templates feature responsive design that works great on both desktops as well as in mobile devices, tablets and smartphones.


How Newark Public Schools Saved $200,000

When Newark Public Schools migrated to WordPress in 2014, they said goodbye to an expensive vendor with proprietary code and welcomed WordPress with open arms. In doing so, they saved over $200,000 in taxpayer money.

  • WordPress-Powered

    100% Open-Source software. No more vendor lock-in. 50,000+ plugins available for use at no cost.

  • Easy-to-Use

    25% of all web sites on the Internet are powered with WordPress. Why not yours?

  • Modern Web Design Standards

    All of our themes work flawlessly in your desktop browsers, Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones.

  • Safe & Secure

    We update WordPress and all installed plugins immediately upon learning of an exploit or security problem. Your sites are safe with us.

  • Slashes Your Web Site Budget

    We can guarantee a 50% reduction in cost when compared to your existing vendor’s proprietary solution.

  • No Vendor Lock-In

    Tired of being limited by your CMS vendor’s technology? With WordPress, you own the code. We’ll help you manage it.

  • Nightly Backups

    We run a nightly backup on all of our servers. In case something on your site goes awry, we can recover it for you.

  • Site Portability

    Love WordPress but want to host it elsewhere? No sweat. We’ll help you migrate off our servers once your contract is up. We love WordPress and we love schools.